What is the Chirrepec Tea Eco-Tour?

It is the only tea tour in Guatemala. Developed by the Chirrepec Comprehensive Agricultural Cooperative, which is organized by the local indigenous Q'eqchi' community, it is dedicated to the cultivation, processing and marketing of 100% organic black tea.



Chirrepec offers three kinds of tea tour.


This tour is shorter and includes a talk about the facility, processing, and a brief tour of the garden.


This tour includes the content of the basic tour plus a walk through the plantations, the nursery, and the sacred caves.

The Adventurero

The Adventurero is a bike tour of the plantation along with a full tour.


History of the Project

In 1863, during an influx of German planters, Don Oscar Majus Klöffer arrived in Alta Verapaz. Klöffer is credited with the initial planting of what are now our most important crops, including coffee, cardamom, black pepper, and, most important of all, the black tea. In 1967, the community organized to improve the cultivation of tea and find a consumer market. Today there are more than 300 associated families. These families are responsible for the care, harvest, and production of tea in their own areas.

The Chirrepec Tea Cooperative offers an export-quality 100% organic tea. We invite the public to visit our facilities and learn about the production process we have carefully perfected. This is the only tea tour in the country, and the producers, the local Q'eqchi' people, are dedicated to the cultivation, processing, and sale of Chirrepec tea. They are proud to share their work with visitors who come to the plantation. The Cooperative has trained guides who will teach visitors all about our tea. Visitors can participate in our eco-tour, which explains the details of planting, tending, harvesting, processing and marketing of our delicious tea.